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Entrance to study in the United States application

Those who want to study abroad in the United States must understand how to apply for a US visa. Not only can it demonstrate your ability to deal with things, it can also improve yourself by learning a lot that you have not met before. The following passage will tell you the requirements for applying for a US visa, and we strongly recommend you to prepare according to them.

1. Basic individual ability

A student is expected to acquire strong ability of critical thinking, communication, judgment and adaptability. The process of visa interview is a process of communicating with visa officers, a process full of sudden questions. It will be a great challenge for students’ individual ability to present the best in themselves to the officers within a short time.


2.Good mentality and principles

The process of going through the formality of US visa is also a process of testing students’ personal cultivation as well as psychological quality. Visa officers will try to discover whether the students have good character, patience and perseverance in the process. Students should be polite and modest. However, some students, especially those with good academic achievement, were too arrogant in front of the visa officers, leaving a negative impression.


Meanwhile, students’ mentality of visa application is also a reflection of their plans of future study. When a student has detailed study plan, he will be fully confident in the interview, and he/she will get the visa successfully by impressing the visa officer.


3.Clear study goal and plan

The purpose and plan of study is the key question in every visa interview, but 90% of student gave the same answer: The reason why I choose to study abroad is that the education environment in the US is great, the majors in the universities are professional, and studying in the US can improve my ability, which is unable to stand out personalities. Meaningless and powerless answer makes visa officers think that the students do not have a clear plan for their future, and study in America is just a disguise for intention of immigrating.


Therefore, preparing for the visa is a process of finding yourself, when you did, you can get your visa.


4.Basic economic capacity

Students need to prove they have enough funding to support their tuition and expenses in the US. Certificate of finance documents, such as property certificate, scholarship certificate and organization finance support certificate, are of great importance.

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