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Britain's elite universities is not against the public, like our tsinghua university and Peking University, a year only a few outstanding can be lucky enough to enter their doors. To apply for to the UK universities need to pay attention to what points? See tino education study in what experts say.

  Study in Britain for point 1

    Accurately and objectively evaluate yourself; , the enrollment ratio of about 20 to 1, the LSE is 30 to 1; So the first thing you must be a good student to have the opportunity to be considered. If regardless of their own to Britain to study conditions and devotion to schools, the result is a waste of time, so our slogan is "choose the most suitable for your school, not necessarily is the best school".

  Study in Britain for point 2

    As soon as possible, as soon as possible to apply for. Top-tier universities if you think that is your only choice, then don't hesitate, the sooner your application are put forward, the more the chance to be admitted; All schools have to apply for the "Deadline", popular major, the Deadline is March 31, usually other professional for June 31, the LSE's Deadline is March 31. General ranking top 10 university, please be sure to, at the end of each year 4 "is put forward Please, of course, famous universities according to their respective admissions situation will also make corresponding adjustment on deadline.

  Study in Britain for point 3

    "Excellent student" means that: 1. The key high school or university graduation, the vast majority of British universities are recognized by China's "211 project" university, and is based on a list of 211, the individual is not in the list of key university 211 May also be considered. 2. General requirements on average at 85% or more than GPA3.4; In the class ranking at least for the first five. 3. The English requirements for IELTS7.0 TOEFL623 or new toefl 100 points, at the same time if you have GMAT650 or GRE1300 above will undoubtedly enhance the competitive power of you.

  Study in Britain for point 4

    "Complete, detailed, professional" will be a direct impact on your application materials for the success of the special important part includes: a well structured, concise plan of study or personal account will help the reviewer insight into your academic achievements, experience, future career plans, especially if you have the motivation of application and to know you to apply for the course. Two detailed objective recommendation, generally for a academic recommendation letter, letters of recommendation, a company reference not necessarily is a professor, head of the department or company general manager; In a very familiar with your teacher, the teacher in charge, boss is very know you can, even school is expected to see your teacher or leader for your learning ability, academic achievement, work ability, work achievement and I to apply for you the real objective evaluation adaptability of the course.

  Study in Britain for point 5

    The university admissions representative interview; Almost all of the top schools are expected to interview all applicants as far as possible, some universities even arrange a phone interview, to confirm the authenticity of the application materials, at the same time explore some applicants cannot be reflected in "please material of good quality, the interview for the academic background but personal comprehensive quality is higher on the applicant is undoubtedly a good compensation, all through the interview by the representative of the applicant, 95% will be into the school.

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