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How do you prepare your application for studying in Singapore? 

The following are the main points for your application for study abroad in singapore:

    1, applicants in writing essays must explain the study motivation, such as why students will think of students, why choose to study in Singapore, why do you choose this school, and pay special attention to the documents, to space, do not appear to be simple and clear running account, as far as possible, let the school know the applicant and the Audit Officer clearly the intention.

    2, Singapore essay to emphasis, for its advantages or advantages to highlight their own, let Singapore target college admissions officer that you out of the ordinary, but also for their own study plan to describe to prove their knowledge really study.

    3, avoid false flattery and "British low profile"". The most common mistake in an applicant's account is to repeat the resume or personal history without reflection, evaluation and self-criticism. Some people are reluctant to talk about themselves. We call this "British low profile."

This is not always a mistake. In fact, after reading countless articles of self praise (another trap), this article is refreshing. But if the applicant says too little, it will make it impossible for us to know whether he is doing it out of humility or because he is clumsy in expressing himself or that he didn't expect the importance of the article to us.

    4, make pleasant compromises between the whole and the simplicity. It is recommended that you do not send the draft. Two more times after the article is finished. Try to be clear and accurate, but do not hinder the integrity of the article due to space limitations. Pleasant compromises can be made between the whole and the simplicity.

    5, frankly, there is risk, do not have to cover up the uncertainty of the future, honesty and frankness are excellent students to apply for personal statements of the standard. Honestly expressing your uncertainty about the future is much better than knowing what you are pretending to do; on the other hand, ambiguity is not a good quality.

How do you prepare your application for studying in Singapore?

    Singapore application documents to reach the final goal is very simple, is to illustrate and highlight the capabilities and features of the applicant's goal, let admissions officers see you different and excellent, let them have a "you are looking for the kind of students" feeling.

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